According to Taiwanese media sources, the major iPhone chip supplier, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), was compromised by the WannaCry ransomware on the evening of August 3rd, and the production line was shut down completely. TSMC was suspected to have been hacked, however the company admitted that certain production equipment had been compromised with the WannaCry virus. On Sunday, 80 percent of the company’s “impacted instruments” had been patched, indicating that the virus outbreak had been contained.
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After the event was revealed, TSMC, as a significant supplier of Apple’s mobile phone core processor, received a lot of attention. The third quarter is the busiest time of year for mobile phone production, thus the event may cause Apple’s shipments to be delayed. Apple’s sales is likely to dip by around 3% in the third quarter. It could potentially have an impact on Apple’s upcoming mobile phone release.
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The WannaCry ransomware has infected over 200,000 PCs in 150 countries, incurring billions of dollars in losses and halting global commerce. Fortunately, we do not need to be concerned. As long as 360 Total Security is installed, they will be completely immune to this type of ransomware.
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Is WannaCry resurrected from the grave?
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Wei Zhejia, the president of TSMC, has said emphatically that the variant of WannaCry ransomware is to blame for the calamity. After the attack on TSMC’s production equipment, all documents and data were encrypted.
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In reality, ransomware has been one of the most serious cybersecurity concerns. “WannaCry” became a worldwide phenomenon in May 2017. The n360 Security Center was the first to respond. In 72 hours, we successfully resisted WannaCry, assisting more than 500 million consumers in avoiding the ransomware. Our “Ransomware Decryption Tool” helped users who had not previously installed 360 Total Security recover their losses in a timely manner.
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The latest ransomware trend report was just issued by 360 Threat Intelligence Center. According to the data, the primary target of ransomware attacks is gradually migrating from individuals to enterprise servers, which have a greater extortion rate.
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“Security Brain” gives the future security network a new direction./strong>

More serious ransomware assaults are predicted to occur in the future, given the rising frequency of ransomware attacks. Furthermore, it is expected that ransomware would strike businesses hard in the next years, affecting life and property security as well as social order.
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With the rapid growth of the Internet, network security can now be considered a one-stop shop. The most recent TSMC event is the most clear example. As a result, how can we safeguard our users and compete with cybercrime is a major concern for all security professionals.
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In recent years, practitioners have begun considering.

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360 Security Center announced “Security Brain” in May 2018 to combat ransomware, which uses Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IoT IntelliSense, and Blockchain approaches to safeguard social and individual cybersecurity.

The “Security Brain” gathers all security-related data, analyses and calculates it using artificial intelligence (AI), and detects network security operations and trends in real time. Potential attacks are predicted. It also predicts potential attacks, monitors and detects current attacks, and responds to them automatically if they are discovered. The network security devices and software that are scattered throughout the network respond to threats and assist the emergency command.
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The “epic-level” EOS blockchain vulnerability was originally found at the end of May, and the EOS supernode security solution was soon implemented. The “Security Brain” might be viewed as a new route for the future security network’s growth.
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How can people and businesses protect themselves against a ransomware attack? </strong>

The TSMC incident serves as a reminder to businesses and individuals alike that security issues must not be overlooked.

Some users may believe that patching the machine and fixing the vulnerability is unnecessary. Cleaning the computer and removing viruses are not things that users should perform on a daily basis. However, the WannaCry global virus, the TSMC incident, and other cyber attack incidents have made everyone appreciate the need of security protection.

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